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Delicious street foods are the reason why tourists flock to Ahmedabad and drive off only after having ‘daal-bhaji’. Fafda, Chola and an array of other Gujaratis delicacies are available on offer from every street corner. The best part? The city also offers a variety of sweets that are worth sampling. Located in Gujarat’s capital, Ahmedabad comes up as a highly recommended destination for any foodie visiting the city. To enjoy the flavours of the city, head to any of the eateries located on any of the street corners, or you can order food delivery Ahmedabad from various food delivery apps.  

What are the most popular foods to be ordered online in Ahmedabad? 

  1. Not only fafda – jalebi is one of the best breakfast items in the city and a quick and warming snack. This popular snack combines two types of street foods: a crispy, fried fafda and a sugar-dipped jalebi. Fafda is a Gujarati snack made from chickpea flour and besan (chana dal). It’s generally eaten with a cup of tea or coffee. The fafda has a crisp, fried outer layer and a soft, spongy centre. On the other hand, the jalebi is a sweet-savoury Indian dessert made with chickpea flour and sugar syrup. Fafda-jalebis are a portion of extremely popular street food in Gujarat and are available all over the state. There are several types of fafda-jalebis. One of the most popular ones is the mango-fafda-jalebi, which is made using both mango pulp and mango pickle. 
  1. Khaman is an exciting Gujarati street snack and one of Ahmedabad’s most famous savoury snacks. It is served hot and straight from the steamer and made with gram flour batter. It has quite an unusual taste and is one of those dishes you cannot just have once. The heady savoury aroma of mustard and spices will fill your home as soon as you start making this amazing savoury snack. These steamed, soft and fluffy savoury cakes are one of Ahmedabad’s most popular street foods. They taste great and are very easy to make. Khaman is best suited for parties. Make them with your family and friends, and they will be amazed by your cooking skills and appreciate your effort. 
  1. Dhokla is a Gujarati snack made from rice and roasted gram. The dhokla is also called khandvi. The rice and gram dhokla is often prepared for festivals like Navaratri and Makar Sankranti, which are celebrated in Gujarat. It is consumed on special occasions. It is an important part of Gujarati cuisine and is served at almost all Gujarati weddings, festivals, parties and other social gatherings. The preparation of the dhokla is similar to that of the khaman. The base of the dhokla is usually made using rice and wheat, while the other ingredients are roasted in ghee and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and onion. When you turn the dal mixture into a dhokla, it is tempered with water and served hot. You can also have the dal mixture with a side of curry. The taste of the dhokla is similar to that of the khaman. 
  1. Khandvi is a Gujarati snack prepared with various ingredients like chickpea flour, ginger-green chilli paste, curd, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, fenugreek, and coriander seeds. The word khandvi comes from Gujarati and translates to rolled up. These amazing snacks are essentially savoury fritters made with chickpea flour, mustard seeds and other ingredients. Khandvi is a healthy snack, low-calorie, gluten-free and low-fat. Apart from going well with savoury snacks, it is also a hit with kids as a party snack. Khandvi is a family favourite, and many people have fond memories of the hours spent rolling up the chickpea flour, spices, and other ingredients. The rolled up chickpea flour is then tempered with more ingredients like mustard seeds, sesame seeds, and fenugreek seeds. These are then deep-fried until crisp. Khandvis can be served as starters or snacks. This snack is typically consumed during the festive season and is usually accompanied by a meal. 
  1. Sev khamani or sev khamane is a Gujarati snack that is famous all over the state. It is a yummy combination of Gujarati pickles, spices and other condiments, and when coupled together, they form a perfectly tangy tasty street side snack. The sev khamani is prepared by coating ground khaman (chickpea flour) with gram flour, urad dal, or black gram dal. The mixture is then deep fried until crispy and garnished with a few drops of ghee. The sev khamani is addictive and can be eaten as a snack or a side dish. 
  1. Kutchi Dabeli is popular street food in Ahmedabad. It is prepared with a fried pav bun filled with a unique blend of potato mixture. It is both delicious and filling. So, whenever you find yourself hungry while exploring the city, you can dig into this appetising snack at a nearby street food joint or can order online. This Gujarati street food is a speciality of the region of Gujarat state in India. This street food is popularly known as Kutchi dabeli. The word kutchi means from Gujarat, and the word Dabeli means stuffed. It is a popular street snack in the state of Gujarat in India. It is very similar to pani puri and vada pav. 
  1. Maska buns are a street food from Gujarat that is popular among locals and visitors. Although it may look like a regular bun, it has a mixture of butter and fresh cream. This mixture is what the locals call maska. The snack is prepared by heating buns over a medium flame and applying generous amounts of maska. In Ahmedabad, maska buns with a cup of hot chai are all you need for a memorable evening. 
  1. In Gujarat, dal vadas are an important part of the Gujarati culture and are prepared for special occasions like festivals and marriages. These deep-fried fritters are made with yellow gram lentils, spices and vegetables, green chillies, ginger and garlic. The spicy masala used in preparing these crispy vadas makes them so special.

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