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Top Must-have Items on Your Monthly Grocery List 

online food and grocery delivery service

Staying at home -whether working from home or due to the chill of the season, is the smartest and safest thing to do right now. However, if your fridge and pantry are almost empty, it will serve to be a major problem. It is crucial to have your home pantry always stocked with must-have food items having longer shelf lives while being versatile enough to deliver you access to an array of flavorful, healthy foods. To ensure the delivery of continuous grocery to your doorstep, you can shop for Swiggy Instamart grocery offering a multitude of choices. 

When you order grocery only from a leading provider, the basic food items will be the absolute must-haves to have in your house at all times. Therefore, it is high time to add to your next online grocery delivery as soon as possible. They will help you get through longer stretches while also feeling happy, well-fed, and healthy at the same time.  

How to Stock Your Home’s Pantry with Monthly Grocery? 

Grocery shopping can be a unique and personal experience. Individuals develop and customize their grocery lists according to the specific needs of their families. If you are creating your grocery list for the upcoming month, an online grocery delivery service provider like Swiggy Instamart grocery can help you out.  

While shopping for grocery online, here are some must-have items to put in your shopping cart: 


Beans are regarded as the perfect food staples all around the world. One of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to purchase beans is by scooping up a single bag of dried beans. You can easily soak beans overnight or cook the same deliciously with spices, garlic, onions, and so more to enjoy its taste and nutrition. 

Beans are usually high in protein and filling fiber. Therefore, these are essential superfoods that you should always have on hand. Dried beans can also be stored in your kitchen pantry for a longer period due to extended shelf lives. The more you consume beans, the more your body will adjust to it. 


Whole grains -including quinoa, rice, and wheat are perfect combinations to have with beans. Unprocessed and longer grains are highly nutritional and beneficial for your overall health. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid choosing the minute-rice or instant cooking options. Rice is known to pair well with almost anything. It works excellently when you mix rice with sauteed vegetables along with some essential protein like fish or chicken.  

While understanding the importance of whole grains in your daily diet, it is crucial to keep your kitchen stocked up with these food staples. You can order whole grains on a monthly basis from a leading online grocery provider like Swiggy Instamart. 


Just like whole grains and beans, nuts also tend to be shelf-stable foods that last longer in your house. Moreover, nuts are rich in protein and not processed in most cases. Therefore, these serve to be an extremely healthy snack option when you consume the same in moderation. 

When you have a stock full of healthy nuts, you can consider topping the same on your dessert or salad to add immense texture and taste. The addition of nuts into your daily meals will also make your diet fulfilling. 

#Meat for Freezing 

While fresh chops and steaks are always regarded as the best option for meat-lovers, you can think of making your meat purchase online last longer by freezing them to be used later. The key is to freeze the meat as soon as it is delivered to your doorstep. At the same time, it is equally important to thaw the frozen meat when you have to cook your favorite dish. 

It is recommended to avoid running frozen meat under warm or hot water or putting the same in a microwave. Plan your meal ahead while taking your time and placing the frozen meat on a metal or cast iron pan. After around an hour, turn the meat pieces over. Within some hours, your meat cuts will be ready to be cooked as your favorite dish. You can order meat for your delicious meals online to ensure the quickest delivery. 

#Oil & Butter 

Wish to know why every food tastes good when you head out to a restaurant to have your favorite meals? The chefs there are mostly less concerned with your overall health. They are usually more concerned with making your food taste as delicious as possible. Butter, undeniably, makes any food taste great. The best part is that butter can be easily frozen. 

Butter might not be a life-saving staple. However, it is a crucial ingredient in most of the delicious treats that are derived out of home-based cooking. It is recommended to pay attention to maintaining the stock of olive, vegetable, and coconut oils as well. These are also great alternatives to butter in a wide array of dishes. 

#Canned Tomatoes and Veggies 

Indeed, vegetables might not be at their nutritious best when they are served in a can. Still, they tend to last longer while also serving as extremely delicious options when cooked properly. Canned veggies or tomatoes (in the form of tomato paste or tomato sauce) are major ingredients in a wide range of recipes -including tomato-based dishes, chilis, stews, and so more. Therefore, you can be assured of continuous supply of canned vegetables to prepare some of the most delicious meals ever. 

#Fresh Fruits 

Not every trip to a reliable online grocery delivery store like Swiggy Instamart should feature ordering shelf-stable foods or grocery items. As a matter of fact, you should also aim at stocking up on fresh foods like fresh veggies or fruits when you are able to make your usual food run at the nearest grocery store. It is important to make sure that you consume all the fresh items before they go bad. 


With the help of a reliable online food and grocery delivery service, you can maintain the overall stock of your day-to-day grocery in the most seamless manner. 


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