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Top Healthy Midnight Snacks for Late-night Binging -According to Experts 

Even after our continuous efforts to get a good night’s slumber, there is one aspect that makes us toss and turn throughout the night -late-night or mid-night hunger. Therefore, rather than resigning yourself to going through the kitchen for whatever leftover you can find and having them by the refrigerator’s light, you can order Instamart grocery online to get instant delivery of your favorite food items -on the go.  

Poor sleeping patterns usually lead to late-night or mid-night snacks binging. However, late night binging has been related with problems like indigestion, higher blood sugar levels, and weight gain. Therefore, you should aim at consuming low-calorie food items or something that it easy to digest. Some of your midnight snacks should include nuts, seeds, vegetable salads, fruits, and so more. If you wish to satiate your midnight craving, you can order Instamart grocery online from the line of healthier food options available on the store.  

Healthy Snacks for Your Light Night Cravings  

  1. Makhanas or Foxnuts 

These are small-sized powerhouses of ample nutrition. These are perfect snack options for healthy midnight food. You can munch on them while watching your favorite TV show or movie as they are low on the overall calorie count. Moreover, these snacks are rich in proteins and carbohydrates as well. Makhanas do not tend to be free from gluten. However, these are also useful in stabilizing heart diseases, obesity, and high blood pressure.  

2. Cucumber & Black Pepper Sandwich  

It is one of the simplest and the healthiest sandwiches you can prepare for yourself as you crave for midnight snacking. Cucumbers are immensely low in calories. Moreover, they also speed up the process of digestion.  

While making your sandwich, you can also order low-fat butter spread to add more flavor to your dish. Spread the same over your bread and add cucumbers and black pepper for enhanced taste. Also, you can think of ordering and consuming brown or multi-grain bread to ensure that it is healthy.  

3. Healthy Crackers 

Crackers are excellent gluten-free snacking options -especially if you crave for something midnight. Crackers are usually packed with the goodness of various seeds and nuts like flax, chia, and sunflower. These snacks are ultimately light on the stomach and are rich in antioxidants -great for the overall health of your skin, hair, and gut. You can easily come across healthy crackers online on leading platforms like Swiggy Instamart. 

4. Quinoa Puffs 

Wish to enjoy the goodness of the superfood in a delicious way? Quinoa puffs are immensely delicious and healthy snack options that come with a host of benefits for your entire body. For instance, these snacks can help in improving the overall digestion, promoting weight loss, increasing the metabolic rate, and reducing constipation. 

This nutritious late-night snack is usually made available in interesting flavors -right from cheddar cheese to spicy variants. Quinoa puffs serve as a great alternative to your midnight craving for saltines and unhealthy chips. 

5. Nuts 

A handful of healthy nuts can be a great alternative for saltines and chips. Nuts serve as the nutritional powerhouse with a wide range of benefits. Moreover, nuts have the tendency to balance your hunger pangs almost on the go. Ensure that you have a handful of nuts -not over 200 calories, at a time. 

6. Vegetable Salad 

A salad prepared out of healthy and nutritious veggies like carrots, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, and zucchini is a great solution to your late-night hunger pangs. You can sprinkle your favorite assortment of veggies with black pepper to enhance its flavors. It is an excellent way to curb your late-night starving. To ensure more flavors to your platter, you can order a dip made out of low-calorie cottage cheese.  

7. Oats 

Oats are excellent breakfast options for most individuals. However, a warm, comfortable bowl of oatmeal can also be used for minimizing the rumbling sound in your stomach late night. Oats are rich in fiber while also including beta-gluten for maintaining your body’s cholesterol levels. 

8. Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter 

As you feel hungry during later hours of the night, you can think of toasting whole-grain bread. When you spread a spoonful of peanut butter on your slice of whole grain bread, it helps in stabilizing your blood sugar levels as you sleep.  

9. Seasonal Berries 

Fruits -particularly berries, are one of the most relished and popular forms of midnight healthy snacks. Whether you prefer blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, or goji berries, you can opt for seasonal berries to fulfill your sudden cravings. Mixed berries offer a heavy flow of delicious flavors while also ensuring that your night’s sleep is not hampered upon consumption. 

10. Vegetable Chips 

As far as late-night snack or food ordering is concerned chips are one of the most sought-after options. However, there is no denying the fact that chips are only one of the most fattening snacks -especially when you consume them late at night. To be on the healthier end, you can always choose nutritious options like vegetable chips -usually made out of okra, sweet potato, beetroot, banana, and so more. Vegetable chips are way healthier than other standard chips.  

11. Popcorn 

During midnight, you only want to quell your craving -not end yourself in a full-fledged food coma. This is wherein the option of having lightweight popcorn can help. These are highly addictive and crispy, salty snacks that you can consume without getting stocked up fully before your bedtime.  

There is also the factor of the complex carbohydrate consumption. A whole-grain snack before bedtime will be healthier in comparison to a mug of ice-cream. If you wish to be extremely health-conscious, you can consider investing in a top-quality air popper rather than using butter or oil. 


With a myriad of options to satiate your midnight hunger, Swiggy Instamart bring forth an array of healthy snacking options for your late-night cravings. Ensure that you pay attention to your health and nutrition before choosing something to eat late at night. 


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